Conivan is a soul rapper/producer with ties in Chicago, San Diego, and Las Vegas. He is one of the few Latinos currently in the game, and aims to change the perception of Chicano rappers with his approach to the genre he has named NEO-Chicano rap and soul.


As a producer Conivan is heavily influenced by Chicago soul, to create a smooth boom-bap type sound, reminiscent of early Rocafella production. He combines that with new-school 808's and hard driven drums to compose his own unique production style. He uses a combination of MPC hardware, vintage vinyl, and real instruments to separate himself from the pack.


Influences Include: Kanye West, J Dilla, Heatmakerz, Dr Dre, Pete Rock, Dj Premier, Metro Boomin, and many many more.


To add to his diversity, Conivan is also a rapper, and a very talented one at that. He combines soul lyrics, dedicated punchlines. and trap-style autotune to create a sound never heard before. 

Influences Include: 2pac, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Jay-Z, DipSet, AZ, Fabolous, Future, and many more.


Conivan is currently working with artists both domestic and international. We are witnessing a soul rapper make his way into mainstream with a combination of hard-hitting soul beats, mind expanding lyrics, and new age drums and bass. Welcome to the new era of Chicano rap and soul.